College Basketball Betting Tips for the Final Four

March Madness comes to a close every year and bettors are often left lying in a pool of tears. Lost bets during the Final Four in particular can bring the betting man to his knees. After the Final Four, the season is over and betting moves on to other sports. You want to go out with a win, right? There are some things you can do to ensure betting success during the Final Four of March Madness.

Remember that seedings mean nothing

Once you get down to the Final Four, the seeds mean absolutely nothing. Throw them out and forget about them. When you are looking at the lines, consider tournament performance over seedings. A red hot five seed, for example, is a good bet against a lukewarm number one seed. The seedings might as well have been posted at the start of the season after the trials and tribulations of the tournament.  This is all about who is hot right now.

Put a premium on experience over anything else

A team that is loaded with seniors with March Madness experience is much more likely to go on a Final Four run than a team with four McDonald’s All Americans and no experience in the tournament. Put a strong premium on players that have been there and know how to handle the pressure. The same goes for coaches.

Look for teams that have finishers

A finisher is a guy that can take the ball at any given time and put it in the basket. This is necessary in the tournament because the games are often down to the wire close. You have to have a guy that will take the rock and put it in the hole every time. If a team is lacking in finishers, then they will struggle at some point.

Put a premium on depth

In high pressure games like the Final Four, you have to know that depth will play a significant factor. Teams will foul more and turn the ball over more. The games are usually played at a faster pace and depth rears its head if a team lacks it. Those that have several players deep at every position have to be considered favorites at this time of year. A superior starting five is only good enough if they have a bench that can keep that advantage. Not every team out there is capable of handling the Final Four pressure. Teams that have options are better suited.

Forget about the stories

One of the best things about watching March Madness and the Final Four is the stories behind the players and schools. They can truly rip your heart out with the various storylines. The problem with this is that it draws attention away from the obvious shortcomings of a team. Who you want to win is the worst enemy of the betting man. At the Final Four, you need to bet the players and teams that are the smart bet…not the ones that make you feel good inside.

Turn off your television set

When deciding on a team to bet on, you should stay away from the sportscasters and experts that are found on television and even online on occasion. These guys are often former players and coaches and they might be speaking from a very biased position. Don’t think that just because a player has been gone for several years they are unbiased. All announcers that were former players have some bias. It is unnatural to think otherwise. Another consideration is that they are not even betting the spread. They are telling you who they think will win. You want to know who will cover most of the time. Forget the experts.